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Sugar Free Toasted Marshmallow Syrup

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Description du produit

The aroma and taste of this delicious syrup make you feel like you are sitting around a campfire eating warm, toasted marshmallows. Add guilt free flavor to coffees, lattes, protein shakes, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.

  • 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs.
  • 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - 25 Servings!
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • Keto-Friendly.
  • Made in the USA.

Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
GMO Free

Commentaires des clients

Denise C. 21 août 2019
Roasted Marshmallow I put it in my coffee every morning. It tastes EXACTLY like its name! And I like my coffee sweet.........this does it!! Thanx so much Skinny Mixes!!! ❤❤
posted on
Anonymous 12 août 2019
Yummy!!!!! Taste so good with my coffee!!
posted on
Tammy M. 12 août 2019
so yummy! so yummy!
posted on
Trisha D. 23 juillet 2019
Love this stuff! I use it in my protein shake and my coffee - both hot and cold. This is my ultimate favorite!
posted on
Amanda J. 9 juillet 2019
Great Has such a great flavor, even right out of the bottle. I need new recipes for these!
posted on
Anonymous 5 juillet 2019
Tastes like it's name Not my favorite of the flavors I've bought, but it tastes like it's name. So, if you like marshmallow, you'll like this.
posted on
Nina L. 25 juin 2019
My absolute favorite! I love this one! Iabsolutely love it in my Starbucks Caramel coffee with some half and half.
posted on
carolyn s. 3 mai 2019
Marshmallow Yummy I love all the flavors I have tested, plus turning people on to it I have 32k people in a keto group a lot of people buy it online but we have also found it at several stores where they load up. Tuesday morning, tjmaxx, bed,bath beyond those are just a few stores were finding it. But none have found the whips in atore. I always tell them order on line. For better deals. Yumminess
posted on
Kathleen L. 2 mai 2019
SO GOOD It tastes AMAZING on Keto Pancakes and in my coffee. A+
Megan Y. 24 avril 2019
Love it! So yummy in my coffee! No strange sugar free taste. I'm obsessed with all the flavors. You can't go wrong with this or any other flavor.
posted on
Anonymous 17 avril 2019
Toasted Marshmallow Homemade frappe
posted on
Adam T. 15 avril 2019
S'mores! well in coffee, it's okay. in Hot chocolate it becomes Like S'mores and is yummy!
posted on
Anonymous 2 avril 2019
Yummy! Love it in my morning coffee! One of my favorites so far!
posted on
June L. 2 avril 2019
Syrup In my coffee!!! It's awesome!!
posted on
Tamara C. 21 mars 2019
This tastes just like a This tastes just like a toasted marshmallow. It's hard to believe it is sugar free. It is that good!
posted on
jennifer s. 13 mars 2019
I use this in my I use this in my coffee. It's so delicious!! Highly recommend
posted on
Talia 5 mars 2019
Not very marshmallow It's nice to have a no calorie sweet, but this really doesn't taste much like marshmallow -- it has a tartness that doesn't belong. Also it curdles the cream if I make cream soda with it.
I do find that mixing it with the Salted Caramel syrup gets a flavor more like a real marshmallow. For that reason I might buy more of this but I don't really like it well in its pure form.
posted on
Ki m. 5 mars 2019
Sugar Free Toasted Marshmallow I can't choose a favorite sugar free syrup but Toasted Marshmallow is high up on my list! I use it in my morning bullet proof tea, It's also delicious as a syrup for pancakes, etc when mixed with a little melted butter. Yum!
posted on
Kimberly J. 2 mars 2019
Toasty goodness I really like the flavor adding a little in with whatever other flavor I use
posted on
Teresa D. 2 mars 2019
Loveeeee I absolutely love all my syrups I use them in my coffee n pancakes
Sasha A. 2 mars 2019
This is my favorite one This is my favorite one so far, I love that it's thick and sweet, perfect for my coffee.
posted on
Lori 10 février 2019
Excellent flavor I love this flavor it's so good in coffee tea and I use it in a few of my baking recipes the marshmallow flavor is so good
posted on
Anonymous 30 janvier 2019
New for me, really good Stevia isn't my favorite sweetener because it's so overwhelming. Not so with this flavor. Subtle, but excellent. Has a much softer edge than the usual stevia flavored foods/beverages.
posted on
DeAnn H. 26 janvier 2019
Deliciousness in a Bottle I usually hate diet drinks, but I am loving this isnmy morning coffee. 2 pumps with a little heavy cream makes heaven in a mug. I've also been using a pump of this with a pump of white chocolate mocha for my iced coffe. YUM!
posted on
Joe B 30 novembre 2018
A camp fire in a cup Think of sitting at a camp fire toasting marshmallows. Now think of that in your daily cup of Coffee. Don't get any better.
posted on
Anonymous 19 novembre 2018
Best Ever This is so good with diet rootbeer and vanilla vodka... just sayin
posted on
Jessie 18 novembre 2018
My favorite This is my new favorite flavor! And being sugar free is even better!
posted on
Anonymous 15 novembre 2018
Good! Very tasty in coffee, in cookie dough or cake icing.
posted on
Anonymous 4 novembre 2018
Toasted Marshmallow taste without the sugar Tastes great. Love all the sugar free flavors. Better than buying coffee out.
posted on
Holly B 29 octobre 2018
Love it! Great syrup works well with many different coffee flavors. Can't wait to try more flavors.
posted on
Ellyse Stock 10 octobre 2018
Surprisingly YUMMY I wasn't very sure about this...but I freaking love this flavor. It is sweet, so you don't need very much. Way good! Will order again.
posted on
Susan Fowler 7 octobre 2018
This syrup is awesome! I highly recommend it! Goes great in cocoa! Love it!
posted on
frances m moyer 7 octobre 2018
highly recommended The syrups I received are delicious. I also like the fact that they are in plastic bottles instead of glass. They are great for gift giving for the holidays.
posted on
Anonymous 30 septembre 2018
Great flavor!!! Love this! So good!
posted on
Wendy Marrero 20 septembre 2018
Best Flavor! SO happy that fitgirl_marci highly recommended this flavor on IG! So glad I purchased this one! Yummiest flavor of all! Makes my Keto safe iced coffee taste amaing! Delcious sweet treat withour that yucky aftertaste! This stuff is perfection!
posted on
kay osterberg 17 septembre 2018
Highly recommended Who needs to go to an expensive coffee shop when you can get the same Great Taste from this toasted marshmallow syrup! Yummy
posted on
Anonymous 15 septembre 2018
Love it Absoultely love it. I fixed it with salted dark chocolate expression, almond & added to coconut flavored coffee. Tasted like an almond joy.
posted on
Jill Desmond 6 septembre 2018
Amazing This flavor is dangerously good! I already went through a bottle of it. I've made protein shakes with it, mixed it with yogurt, made almond milk ice cream, made rice pudding and just plain enjoyed the heck outta this stuff! I'm pretty sure it's a new staple for this girl. Will most DEFINITELY be reordering
Anonymous 23 août 2018
Another Favorite! Wow!! This flavor is just like having a toasted marshmallow at your fingertips!! It smells as wonderful as it tastes when added to coffee! I've used it with flavored coffees: vanilla, mocha coconut, coconut, and cream brûlée and the flavor has been fabulous!! I have been drinking coffee all day!! Would be great on ice cream!
posted on
Sue 20 août 2018
Excellent! Tastes just like toasted marshmallows.
posted on
Thorin 16 août 2018
Highly Recommended LOVE to add this flavor to my vanilla protein shakes.
posted on
Anonymous 15 août 2018
Yummy! I absolutely loved this flavor! I'll admit that I was hesitant to try it, but I'm glad I did! You won't be disappointed!
posted on
Rachel M. 15 août 2018
Smells just like roasting a marshmallow. I'm working my way through the entire Skinny Syrups lineup, and this one was pleasantly surprising. When you open the bottle it smells just like you're roasting a marshmallow over a campfire, doesn't smell fake at all. Like most of their syrups I do find I have to use a few tablespoons (my thermos holds 3 cups of coffee though...) to get a strong enough flavor but who cares? It's 0 calories!
posted on
Connie 14 août 2018
Yummy As much as i love pumpkin i still have to say i think this one is my favorite . Maybe you can make a pumpkin marshmallow :)
posted on
Amber 29 juillet 2018
Highly Recommend Best flavor yet! Excellent in hot, iced or frozen coffee
posted on
Donna Fowler 29 juillet 2018
Love love it. My favorite one yet. I hope it's not going to be limited edition.
posted on

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