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Sugar Free Peppermint Bark Syrup

Item #  213800
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Product Description

The perfect blend of chocolate and peppermint will get you into the holiday spirit. Peppermint and chocolate flavors bring back childhood memories of the holidays. A yummy and comforting syrup to mix into your holiday drinks and great for desserts too. Add guilt free flavor to coffees, hot chocolate, lattes, protein shakes, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.

  • 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs.
  • 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - 25 Servings!
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • Keto-Friendly.
  • Made in the USA.

Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
GMO Free

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
Angie D. May 1, 2019
Delicious!! I love using this syrup in my coffee every day! The best sugar-free syrup I have found.
posted on
JoAnn M. April 17, 2019
It tastes great & completely It tastes great & completely replaced my sugar filled high calorie coffee creamer
posted on
June L. March 22, 2019
Flavorful, Sugar Free I love the flavor of Sugar Free Peppermint Bark Syrup. I love all the Skinny Mixes flavors. I implemented them into my nutritional goals. Thank you for the affordable availability.
posted on
Jaymie mercado March 18, 2019
Simply the best If you do low carb or keto, you have to try this. Even if you don't, the taste is still amazing. Put it in fudge, brownies, coffee, pretty much anything. At 0 calories and 0 carbs you can't beat the tastw
posted on
Tracy S. March 18, 2019
There just wasn't good combination There just wasn't good combination of flavors. I was expecting more flavor
posted on
Anonymous March 18, 2019
Peppermint bark I'm using this for my coffee as my favorite coffee is seasonal which is peppermint mocha. The syrup is fine but honestly there is hardly any peppermint flavor.
posted on
Jamie W. March 18, 2019
It was my favorite along It was my favorite along with dark chocolate espresso. So, so good!!!
posted on
kim k. March 18, 2019
Great Add to Coffee love to add tbsp to coffee in morning, or chocolate protein shake!

makes me feel like I"m getting an expensive, sweet treat while on a diet!
posted on
Ashleigh B. March 6, 2019
Peppermint bark Best tasting sweetener ever!! I use it I'm my coffee everyday
posted on
Lanae W. March 2, 2019
Delicious. I Luv peppermint. Delicious. I Luv peppermint.
posted on
Laurie l. February 21, 2019
Amazing Ivlove this. This brand is always my go to. I use this every single morning in my coffee
posted on
steve c. February 16, 2019
yummy stuuf My wife is picky about what is or isnt in her coffee, this syrup hits the mark for her.
posted on
Amy February 9, 2019
Delicious!!! This is my absolute favorite! It's the perfect blend of peppermint and chocolate.
posted on
Marcee Z. January 31, 2019
Love It!! As with all the other flavors, this is a hit!! Fabulous addition to iced coffee with sugar free marshmallow whipped foam!!
posted on
Anonymous January 29, 2019
Great coffee! Love this in my morning coffee!
posted on
Bill November 30, 2018
Peppermint Greatest Use with Peppermint coffee , OH MY. Extremely Good!
posted on
Kathleen Hakala November 26, 2018
Love this! Love, Love, Love this stuff! I add it to my peppermint coffee with a little chocolate premier and I have a delicious 1 point coffee that is much better then Starbucks and a lot less points!
posted on
Anonymous November 22, 2018
peppermint bark syrup this is such a big bottle of yumm. awesome in coffee as well as cocoa
posted on
Kathie November 19, 2018
Love it! I use it in peppermint flavored coffee and it tastes better than anything that I can get at Starbucks! I just wish it was available year round and not just a seasonal item.
posted on
Anonymous November 14, 2018
Highly recommended! Am enjoying this as a nice before bed treat in my hot chocolate!
posted on
Anonymous November 8, 2018
posted on
Anonymous November 5, 2018
wonderful for a wintertime treat this flavored syrup is a tasty treat for wintertime beverages and desserts. I use it in coffees, sugarfree cocoa, and for Christmas desserts. It helps me to stay on my diet and avoid sugars. I love it!
posted on
Anonymous October 29, 2018
Yum Love using this in my hot chocolate! And in my chocolate martinis!
posted on
Vicki Reeder October 15, 2018
Yum It is so good I love the peppermint flavor
posted on
jennifer Cooke October 7, 2018
YUM! Highly recommended! I can't wait to start having Christmas parties - this will make my coffees a huge hit! :)
posted on
hayley ross September 30, 2018
love the peppermint love the peppermint flavor
posted on
Marcia Tangeman September 18, 2018
Recommend Very good, but taste a little different from last winter.Thank you for brining it back.
posted on
Linda STEVENS May 6, 2018
Great stuff I have had this before...have not opened it yet this year. It's more of a Christmasy thing but that won't prevent me from drinking it now. It is very very good stuff. Highly recommended. Super fast shipping from company also.
posted on
Anonymous April 15, 2018
Highly Recommended My wife likes anything that's peppermint so when I saw the peppermint bark syrup I bought 2 bottles for her to try and she loved it. She really likes the mint chocolate chip that I have been getting for her also.
posted on
Bill March 25, 2018
Old Time Flavor Growing up, one of the greatest "once a year Christmas treats" was peppermint bark! It was a delectable blend of semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint! I was hoping the Peppermint Bark syrup would not disappoint, and I was really pleased that it didn't! Great peppermint chocolate taste and creates an excellent cappuccino!
posted on
fitgirl3 February 11, 2018
Love it! I love most of your sugar free coffee syrups and this one hit the mark as well. It's a refreshing flavor in my coffee and I like that! It's a new taste I'll buy again!
posted on

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