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Sugar Free Caramel Syrup

750ml Item #  290871
Product Description

This rich, creamy and buttery caramel flavor is the perfect way to make your favorite beverages taste indulgent, but without the unwanted calories. Add guilt free flavor to coffees, lattes, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.

  • 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs.
  • 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - 25 Servings!
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • Keto-Friendly.
  • Made in the USA.

Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
GMO Free

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
Ashley R. August 21, 2019
Good taste, love not having Good taste, love not having added sugar and carbs
posted on
Nadine L. August 12, 2019
Love them Love them
posted on
Althea A. August 2, 2019
Great service and product is Great service and product is awesome
posted on
Anonymous July 16, 2019
So good! Excellent flavor! Can hardly tell it's sugar free!
posted on
Laura L. July 9, 2019
Carmel is my favorite coffee Carmel is my favorite coffee flavor & NO carbs!!
Tiffany L. June 28, 2019
I love the flavor and I love the flavor and I only need one tbsp
posted on
Lynda I. June 12, 2019
Skinny Mixes are the best Skinny Mixes are the best among all sugar free syrups. It tastes so much like the regular flavors and doesn't leave an after taste. It's my go to for iced coffee.
posted on
Anonymous June 10, 2019
Sugar Free Syrups No Carbs, No Sugar, Keto Friendly :) Great taste..
posted on
Joanna C. May 29, 2019
The taste, after drinking skinny The taste, after drinking skinny mixes I cant go back to regular creamer. I like that a little goes a long way.
posted on
Angela M. May 8, 2019
Best tasting sugar free syrup Skinny Mixes are my favorite sugar free brand syrups! They have no after taste and let me sweeten my coffee without guilt! Caramel is my favorite, but my family has tried many different flavors and love them all!
posted on
Sarah G. May 7, 2019
Flavor. Flavor. Flavor. No calories. Flavor. Flavor. Flavor. No calories. Flavor. Flavor.
posted on
Nicole L. May 4, 2019
No funny after taste. Great No funny after taste. Great for Keto!
posted on
Anonymous April 24, 2019
Sugar Free Caramel Syrup Love the taste and the price. I use in my coffee and protein shakes.
posted on
Penne M. March 30, 2019
Love it We think skinny mixes are better than any other syrup we've tried. Don't buy anything else.
posted on
Heather W. March 18, 2019
Delicious I use them everyday in my coffee wouldn't even know it's sugar free
posted on
Anonymous March 2, 2019
Carmel is ho-hum Doesn't have the spark of Caramel Pecan
posted on
Ebonie S. February 7, 2019
Delicious I love that the sugar free caramel syrup taste just like CARAMEL! I work at Starbucks and they don't have this and it's so good in Ice Coffee!!!
posted on
Alexis G. January 29, 2019
Best Sugar free caramel syrup!!!! I love to use it in my coffee! Hot coffee or iced, either one is better with my SF caramel Skinny Syrup!
posted on
Sharon Lais November 20, 2018
So good in Chai Latte Will buy again
posted on
Harold Parks November 10, 2018
Great Syrup! Great Sugar Free Syrup! Use in our Healthy Meal Shakes!
posted on
Tammy Bailor October 21, 2018
Highly Recommended This is the best sugar free caramel syrup! It's like the one they use at my local coffee shop but for way less cost. I can make it at home myself in the comfort of my home. Will definitely be ordering again
posted on
elizabeth jones October 12, 2018
Highly Reccomend The Caramel flavors of Skinny Syrups are my favorite! The original caramel is so good, you don't miss the sugar at all. I add it to my iced coffee every morning.
posted on
Robert Kirkley August 23, 2018
Highly Recommended Great Product
posted on
victoria sweat August 15, 2018
sugar free syrup!!! I absolutely love this product! I had such a hard time finding it in the store I had to order it directly!!
posted on
Steve craven June 21, 2018
User Friendly I have used most of the larger bottles of syrup and find that they nicely enhance my coffee.Thanks for the variety and the great prices.
posted on
Joyce Mossman June 10, 2018
highly recommended I loved the salted carmel syrup and my friends tried it and loved it , too
posted on
Jo Ann Beaumont June 4, 2018
Great flavor, no calories I have been using Carmel Skinny Syrup for several years and it is a great way to make my iced coffee special without the calories. With just a little flavored creamer I can have a big iced coffee and just a few calories.
posted on
Anonymous May 21, 2018
Highly recommended This is my favorite flavor and I love that it is sugar free!
posted on
Nikki April 30, 2018
Highly recommend The syrup is awesome!
posted on
Angela Lagor March 28, 2018
I love these Syrups!!!!!!! I eat a low carb high fat low/no sugar diet. These have saved my coffee. I love these!!!! Caramel is my absolute favorite!!!
posted on
Anonymous March 18, 2018
Great I recently started keto and this caramel sugar free syrup is excellent in my coffee
posted on
Tiffany Hulsey March 15, 2018
Excellent Taste My family and I love all the skinny syrups but Caramel is by far our favorite. I love that it satisfies my sweet tooth without sugar. My coffee isn't the same without it.
posted on
Brenda Brueggemann February 8, 2018
Highly Recommended Classic caramel taste without the guilt! It is great in any coffee beverage--and can be mixed with other flavors for more variety.
posted on
Brenda melton February 3, 2018
Very good Awesome
posted on
Anonymous February 2, 2018
Delicious! I have been using 1 ounce of this syrup every morning in my smoothie for over a year. It is delicious!Yum!
posted on
JENNIE ALLEN January 23, 2018
SO GOOD! I hit the jackpot when I discovered Skinny Syrups! The sugar-free caramel is great and has no weird aftertaste. I use it in my coffee and to help sweeten my protein shakes with no additional calories! WIN!
posted on
Carla T January 23, 2018
Can't believe these syrups are sugar free! These syrups are part of my family's way to reduce sugar in our diet. They absolutely love them. My husband was sceptical about the taste, but now, he uses more than anyone else. I often use it for coffee but also for flavoring in cakes, cookies, and other drinks. Thanks for making such a great product.
posted on

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