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Sugar Free Butter Toffee Syrup

750ml Item #  290891
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Product Description

* New flavor name is Butter Toffee, but same formula as English Toffee.

Add the rich and buttery taste of toffee to your favorite beverages without the unwanted calories. Add guilt free flavor to coffee, tea, protein shakes, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.

  • 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs.
  • 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - 25 Servings!
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • Keto-Friendly.
  • Made in the USA.
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
GMO Free

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
Vickie S. August 15, 2019
Love so much! Love that it zero Weight Watcher points.. it helps me use less creamer in my coffee.. I truly love skinny syrup it is worth every penny.. I love the variety of flavors and the availability of them..
posted on
Anonymous August 12, 2019
great I has a great flavor and I use it in my coffee.
posted on
Janis *. August 7, 2019
Butter Toffee Syrup It has no artificial after taste and mixes great with coffee and cream
posted on
Nickie E. August 7, 2019
One of my favorites Butter Toffee in my bulletproof ghee coffee go extremely well together. The butter flavors just really hit the spot in the morning too.
posted on
donna b. August 6, 2019
Use them to make iced Use them to make iced coffee, which is like having desert. They are delicious and such a great help with me doing the Keto diet
posted on
Cammy T. July 29, 2019
Low carb and tastes really Low carb and tastes really good in my ice coffee
posted on
Terrylee S. July 24, 2019
I really enjoy it in I really enjoy it in my hot tea in the morning awesome
posted on
Anonymous July 16, 2019
Delicious! Love it in my Coffee!
posted on
Anonymous June 13, 2019
Butter Toffee I use this in my coffee and sometimes I add caramel whipped foam and it's my sweet treat! No guilt with any of these syrups, and that's what I love most!
posted on
Rian J. June 13, 2019
Butter Toffee and Maple Bourbon Butter Toffee and Maple Bourbon Pecan are my favorite flavors with my coffee
Tracey C. June 4, 2019
First time trying I love this flavor, so smooth and tasty.
Have never been disappointed in ANY product I've ordered..following the keto way of life, I can have my coffee every day..thank you thank you thank you
posted on
Rayne G. May 23, 2019
Delicious flavor and reasonable price Delicious flavor and reasonable price
posted on
Mary J. May 17, 2019
Butter Toffee It certainly has a butter taste! I also add 2 Tblsp to pancake mix. It adds a rich flavor
posted on
Dina S. May 15, 2019
I love the flavor. It I love the flavor. It goes well with my mocha coffee. Its taste like a heath bar.
posted on
Paula M. May 8, 2019
Wonderful taste and no sugar.!!! Wonderful taste and no sugar.!!!
posted on
Karen P. May 3, 2019
found your product by accident...decided found your product by accident...decided to try it, and have been using it every since...a few years now in fact.
posted on
Christina F. April 30, 2019
Great taste Great taste
posted on
Anonymous April 29, 2019
Flavor is great and no Flavor is great and no calories! Flavor is very hard to find in stores so love finding it online!
posted on
Michael K. April 29, 2019
Love it! I use it in my coffee and have for over 10 year. Best ever and no calories!
posted on
Judy Simmons April 21, 2019
Superb Absolute love this flavor and have used in coffee, in sweet potatoes and on my Brussel sprout, squash blend. Mixed in and spritzed on during cooking.
posted on
Anonymous April 17, 2019
Butter Toffee Syrup LOVE IT!! I put it in my iced coffee in the morning.
posted on
Mikayla H. April 16, 2019
Amazing customer service! Accidentally received the wrong product bundle and customer service sent me the correct bundle, no questions asked. And every flavor I've tried has been amazing! Will definitely be recommending these to everyone!
posted on
RENEE D. April 15, 2019
Delicious! Delicious!
posted on
Steven M. April 4, 2019
It's awesome. My wife and I love it in our coffee and it makes great lattes.
posted on
Charity B. March 22, 2019
The flavor is amazing! The flavor is amazing!
posted on
Anonymous March 19, 2019
Butter toffee I love the extra flavor in my coffe. I recommend this product!
posted on
prinda H. March 18, 2019
Sugar free syrups I use it in my coffee. I have several flavors so I have different ones every day. I love them all they tast great and don't mess up my diet and great price. I usually buy 3 at a time . thanks
posted on
Anonymous March 6, 2019
Love Love Love One of my favorite syrup ever!!!
posted on
Anonymous February 16, 2019
So good I use this in my coffee and tea every day in place of sweetner and I love it! It's not too strong and leaves no weird after taste. So good!
posted on
Gretchen S. February 7, 2019
Delicious Keto Hot chocolate with this in it is to die for!
posted on
Pam K. February 1, 2019
Good but I'd like it Good but I'd like it to be a little sweeter!
posted on
Loriann B. January 30, 2019
My favorite I love all of them but this one is my absolute favorite. Buttery toffee and reminds me of a Health bar.
posted on
Anonymous January 30, 2019
Sugar Free Butter Toffee Syrup Great addition to coffee!
posted on
Anonymous January 29, 2019
❤️ My fave! Great with coffee and hwc
posted on
Susan hamilton November 30, 2018
Wonderful flavor This is a great flavor. It reminds me of a Heath Bar chocolate bar. It will go great with many treats and it's sugar free too. Win Win
posted on
Anonymous November 27, 2018
highly recommended love this syrup. and many other flavors!
posted on
Sheila S November 26, 2018
Highly Recommended This butter toffee syrup is so good. I've used it in my coffee and a butterscotch tea. I love finding sugar free syrups that taste good!!
posted on
Anonymous November 15, 2018
Delicious! This syrup, along with the salted caramel, is a favorite of mine. I use the syrup different ways: in coffee, in cookie dough, in dessert frostings, etc. Love this syrup.
posted on
Churnita November 15, 2018
Delicious! Very happy with this flavor - goes great with Butter Toffee flavored coffee. Sweet, buttery, and yet not overpowering. Tastes like candy!
posted on
Tracy Hawley October 25, 2018
Highly Recommended Very good!!
posted on
Tammy Bailor October 21, 2018
Highly Recommended I've tried other sugar free syrups for my coffee and this is one of the best one I've tried! I love it and will definitely order it again
posted on
Anonymous October 20, 2018
Love it Great in coffee, keto friendly
posted on
Valinda Davey October 18, 2018
Coffee Lover Absolutely recommend this product. Recently I have gone low carb. But I was struggling to find a fix for my coffee. FOUND IT. Everything I received I have loved and will continue to purchase.
posted on
Matteo Giordano III October 10, 2018
Sugar Free Toffee Flavor Great flavor and taste....and NO calories....prefect
posted on
Kim Magallanes October 10, 2018
Toffee I love toffee - now it' in my coffee cup, pancakes or waffles, new favorite protein shake
posted on
Wendy Bennett October 10, 2018
Delicious! Love this flavor! So warm and luscious.
posted on
Susan Koutsogiannis October 10, 2018
love this flavor I love this Butter Toffee flavor. I add it to hot apple cider for a boost of flavor
posted on
Anonymous October 3, 2018
Love it! Love the taste of this!
posted on
Anonymous October 2, 2018
Delicious Love this flavor
posted on
Robin Herron October 1, 2018
Highly Recommended The mixes are delicious and affordable. Very pleased with my purchase and will purchase more in the future. Also, I've told my friends about you and they will be ordering in the future.
posted on
Amber Brudi September 30, 2018
1st time buying this flavor Was not disappointed. I feel comfortable buying any flavor without having sampled it, which was a concern I had being a new customer, but they are so good.
posted on
Jeanna September 13, 2018
Think Werther's Original Tastes like a buttery sweet Werther's original candy. I mix this with Hazelnut to get a sugar free Toffee Nut flavor compared to the Toffee Nut from Starbucks
posted on
Evelyn Epps September 12, 2018
Ms. I haven't opened any bottles yet. I only open one at a time and usually use it in hot tea or instant coffee (sometimes in hot cereal). Will wait until it cools down a bit more. I'm sure they will taste good.
posted on
Vada August 19, 2018
Highly recomended I have been on a diet for several months and glad I was able to go on line and purchase this mix.
posted on
Carol Pina August 9, 2018
highly recommend This is really good in coffee!
posted on
Anonymous August 6, 2018
Very Tasty I am enjoying the butter toffee syrup in my bulletproof coffee every morning. I was very surprised by the size of the bottle and the price was so affordable. Will be ordering again.
posted on
Anonymous August 4, 2018
Yummo!!! By far one of my favorites. Taste good on anything.
posted on
Anonymous June 26, 2018
Buy This Now This is so much better in my coffee than Splenda!!!! Rich flavor! Toffee and caramel, it's a no brainer!!
Maridyth June 17, 2018
Heaven! This syrup is GREAT! It reminds me of a Heath Bar or a Skor Bar! It has just enough butter toffee flavor to perk up my morning coffee, but is not overwhelmingly sweet. I will definitely purchase this product again!
posted on
Anonymous June 5, 2018
Love Butter Toffee Love the Butter Toffee Flavor. All of the syrups are good but this one is my favorite!
posted on
Dr. Ken May 31, 2018
5 Flavors I purchased I bought several sugar free Skinny Mix syrups. They are all delicious at a great price. We plan to order many more of them in the future.
posted on
Kelly May 21, 2018
Sugar Free Butter Toffee (English Toffee) Syrup So wonderful.. I love this!
posted on
Anonymous May 21, 2018
Delicious This is such a tasty flavor, buttery and sweet without being overpowering. I made a milkshake with this flavor and the Carmel pecan and it was like a butter pecan dream! These syrups are the best I've tried, very satisfied customer here
Christine Carolle Marchant April 5, 2018
My favorite ... This is my favorite coffee flavor since Starbucks did away with it's toffee nut.
posted on
Anonymous March 28, 2018
Yum! This syrup tastes great! I finally found something I can use with cream in my coffee to add some sweet flavor without a fake sugar taste.
posted on
Anonymous February 18, 2018
posted on
Anonymous February 13, 2018
highly recommend By far my favorite...I too make my own creamer but I have 4 different flavors so I send this directly to my coffee....keto friendly
posted on
Soni Renee Truesdell February 12, 2018
Delicious I love this flavor. Great in coffee!
posted on
Anonymous February 11, 2018
For my homemade coffee creamer I make my own coffee creamer using heavy whipping cream, vanilla and skinny syrups! I will never go back to store bought and this is great for keto purposes!
posted on
BeccaMarie February 8, 2018
Delicious!! This is so good! I add 2 teaspoons to my bulletproof coffee it makes a delicious treat!
posted on
Anonymous February 7, 2018
Love this This is my favorite go-to flavor. Great in coffee!
posted on
Anonymous January 25, 2018
English toffee Yum
posted on

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