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Sugar Free Cinnamon Vanilla Syrup

Item #  250125
Product Description

Enjoy the flavor of vanilla with the swirl of cinnamon. Each sip will delight. Add guilt free flavor to coffees, lattes, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.

  • 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs.
  • 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - 25 Servings!
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • Keto-Friendly.
  • Made in the USA.

Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
GMO Free

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
[email protected] M. August 16, 2019
I was having trouble getting I was having trouble getting free shipping. I thought my order was large enough.
posted on
Ruth August 12, 2019
At the top of my favorites! I use this every day in my green tea and love it!!
posted on
Kelly M. July 22, 2019
It's delicious It's delicious
posted on
Amber S. July 21, 2019
It's amazing It's amazing
posted on
Kathy Z. June 27, 2019
Suger Free Cinnamon Vanilla Syrup anything with Vanilla and Cinnamon is a winner
posted on
Tanya E. June 13, 2019
I love your drink mixes I love your drink mixes I'm doing Keto and I don't miss my regular creamer with using these I'm definitely addicted
posted on
Danilo Y. June 7, 2019
Great flavor, no weird aftertaste Great flavor, no weird aftertaste
posted on
Pat R. May 29, 2019
It is great....glad I bought It is great....glad I bought them. Great price!
posted on
Victoria M. May 27, 2019
Deliciousness in a bottle This flavor is so yummy in my iced and hot coffees as well as my iced tea. So delicious. Flavor comes out so mellow and delicious.
posted on
Jennifer C. May 21, 2019
Yummy Use it in my coffee in place of sugar and sweetener. No chemical taste if you don't use too much. WAAAAAAAY cheaper than buying on amazon!
posted on
MARIA V. May 17, 2019
The taste is better than The taste is better than any other regular syrup toroni
posted on
Nicki W. May 16, 2019
Pretty good I liked it a lot just had a little bit of an after taste
posted on
Debbie May 11, 2019
Can't get enough! This is my third time reviewing this flavor because I can't get enough of it!! Just received my order of 5 bottles of it
Debbie May 7, 2019
You will be addicted to this recipe...!! 8-10 Oz coffee
1/4c heavy cream
2T cinnamon vanilla syrup
1T Irish cream syrup
Debbie A. May 1, 2019
Amazing flavor, not too sweet It has a great balance of the two flavors and not that overly syrupy sweet taste. No aftertaste. Amazing mixed with Irish cream!!!
posted on
Jeannette April 4, 2019
My favorite This is my absolute favorite flavor and hard to find in stores. This flavor is now sold out. Please keep in stock.
posted on
Jeannette March 17, 2019
My favorite This has to be one of my favorites. Love this mix.
posted on
hayley r. March 2, 2019
awesome! I love it in coffee, just the right amount of cinnamon
posted on
Kathy C. February 15, 2019
The best flavor in hot The best flavor in hot morning coffee, pancakes, oatmeal, frosting for carrot cake and banana bars.
posted on
Laura Reynolds February 2, 2019
Great for making granola I use this syrup to make granola without all of the sugar! All you need is oats, this syrup and a little bit of cinnamon!
posted on
Amber Brudi November 20, 2018
Perfect compromise I bounce back and forth between cinnamon and vanilla lattes. Now, I don't have to. I can have both!
posted on
Anonymous September 28, 2018
Love it! This stuff is awesome! Will be trying lots of other flavors!
posted on
Steph graham September 21, 2018
Very good! This is the first of your products I tried, I really like it and for that reason I bought other flavors, and I love them all!
posted on
April Bexley September 11, 2018
Love these syrups I love these syrups. I will be ordering more of these as I run out especially since they are hard to find in the stores.
posted on
Anonymous September 9, 2018
good flavor This is a great flavor and is good to use in a combination of other syrups to create some unique flavors
posted on
Anonymous April 1, 2018
Great taste! This syrup has a great flavor!
posted on
Anonymous March 14, 2018
Love it, highly recommended! So good in hot or iced tea. Also great in coffee and desserts.
posted on
MaryAnne March 8, 2018
My favorite Just a touch of this is a lovely sweetener for so many beverages and edibles. Doesn't seem to have any of the objectionable aftertaste so common to many sugar free items.
posted on
Theresa Hill March 5, 2018
Yummy cinnamon vanilla This is my favorite syrup. It's awesome in tea, coffee with creamer and on vanilla ice cream.
posted on

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